What lights me up about these sessions is that YOU are no less magic than any other "healer" and the power of our combined focus and intention massively magnifies the healing potential. The more consciously engaged you are in your own transformation process, the greater the possible shifts. No-one knows your system like you do - and being part of a healing field amplifies your ability to connect with your own intuitive knowing. 

In these sessions, I open a clear channel to the Divine, run healing energy and draw on a wide repertoire of techniques - including deep listening, somatic regulation, parts work and other transformational tools - to support you in your own ability to self-heal.  I encourage you to find a very comfortable set-up to be able to sit in a relaxed and supported way so that you can stay consciously engaged throughout.

"It was helpful to have encouragement and support to move and feel my body to delve into both the fear of the situation and ultimately a feeling of reassurance. I felt like you were careful in your approach. I appreciated the attitude of exploring together rather than an expert-learner dynamic. Grateful for the time and exploration together."  MM, Occupational Therapist, Wales 

£90 - please contact me if finances are an issue

These sessions allow you to receive healing fully and luxuriously in the comfort of your own home - whilst I sit in front of my altar in deep communion with the Divine Mother.

We speak briefly at the outset so you can share what issues you'd like healing around, they we go offline and you relax deeply in your own space. After the end of the session I email follow-up notes and suggestions.

"Yesterday I would have said the vortex therapy did not affect me but today I find my opinion and actions have shifted with regard to something I was very stuck on. I am surprised.AC

£60 - please contact me if finances are an issue

While you sit or stand, I check each of your chakras one by one and restore them to balance (as much as the system will support). Also working with the aura overall, repairing as needed and strengthening your grounding cord.

I feel like my blood has been taken out, purified and put back. It’s like my organs have had an MOT and I’ve got some new body parts!TB 

£30 - please contact me if finances are an issue