About Vaishnavi

Vaishnavi is a singer of the sacred, a playful voice-worker and a highly-attuned nervous system whisperer. Her voice has been described as “a flute that the Divine uses to carry heart-penetrating beauty.”

After a science degree and a career in film and TV production, she was more surprised than anyone to reconnect with her ancient priestess nature whilst living in a large Indian ashram. Through a decade of burnout and chronic illness, she has crawled through some very dark tunnels and found light - leaving her with an unshakeable faith in the phoenix-like nature of the human heart.

Vaishnavi has been facilitating transformational group work since 2001: from yoga and voice workshops and retreats to Deep Work: an intimate 6-month programme for thriving beyond old limits. After the Embodied Intimacy Training in 2019-20, she apprenticed with Rachel Rickards an dbuster Radvik, co-creating their flagship online training ReSource. 

Most recently, she was honoured to be on the team on the 2023 pioneering Field Facilitator Training with Rachel Rickards, Christian Pankhurst, Elaine Yonge, David Cates and others.

Relentlessly awestruck by the magical nature of the metamorphosis that occurs within the safe spaces she holds, she is profoundly touched to witness others deepening back into their most authentic selves and reclaiming their own inner Eden. Although she increasingly lives a fairytale woodland existence—catching songs and talking to trees whilst birds alight on her fingertips—her ongoing practice is rooted in the notion that “Paradise is an inside job”.